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Arabidopsis thaliana L. Heynh., Brassicaceae, is now popular as a model plant for studies of not only molecular biology, but also genetics, plant physiology and developmental biology.

There have been three stock-centers of Arabidopsis in the world, which provide the stocks to researchers who want to study with this plant. They are Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC) at Ohio State University, USA, The Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC) at Nottingham University, UK, and The Sendai Arabidopsis Seed Stock Center (SASSC) at Miyagi University of Education, Japan.

SASSC has been established at Prof.N. Goto's lab. in Miyagi University of Education on 1993. The seed stocks in SASSC are composed of the stocks collected by Prof. A. R. Kranz, The Arabidopsis Information Service (AIS), Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and those accumulated by Prof. N. Goto.

The SASSC has maintained 1119 unique lines of Arabidopsis and related species: From AIS Collection, 265 ecotypes, 176 form-, 321 color-, and 14 metabolic-mutants, 106 gene-marker lines, 23 trisomic lines, 12 other species of Arabidopsis genus; From Sendai Collection, 202 lines including ecotypes (mainly from Japanese regions), mutants isolated by Prof. Goto, mutants donated by Prof. M.Koornneef, Wageningen Aricultural University, The Netherlands, and other species in Brassica family in West-Himalayan region provided by Dr. J. I. Mirza, B. Z. University, Pakistan,and in Japan.

In 2001, SASSC and RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) started collaboration work on the maintenance of SASSC seed stocks. From October 2003, RIKEN BRC takes over the preservation and distribution project of this famous resource center and starts distribution of SASSC seeds under the National Bioresource Project supported by Japanese government. Users are required to submit Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and pay handling and shipping fee. Detailed explanation is on the web site of RIKEN BRC (

Stock ordering:

Please submit your orders for stocks by sending application form through FAX to RIKEN BRC Experimental Plant Division (+81-29-836-9053). You can obtain the application form from the homepage of RIKEN BRC (

For questions please send e-mail to:


We are grateful to Prof. A. R. Kranz, AIS, J. W. Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for supplying starter stocks as well as for supporting us to establish SASSC. We thank Prof. M. Koornneef, Agricultural University, Wageningen, The Netherlands, Dr. J. I. Mirza, B. Z. University, Multan, Pakistan, Dr. H. Tsukaya, National Institute for Basic Biology, and Dr. S. Todokoro, Kyoto University, for donation of mutant and wild type stocks. Thanks are also due to Dr.Tsukaya, Dr. K. Masamoto, Kumamoto University, and Dr. H. Ichikawa, National Institute of Agrobiological Resources,for checking up on the characters of a number of mutants.

We also thank Dr.R.Scholl,ABRC,USA and Dr.M.Anderson,NASC,UK for encouragement to establishment of our stock center,and Dr.Y.Yamazaki,National Institute of Genetics for constructing the SASSC data bases as well as for opening to the public by the internet web.


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